By default, a new user will receive a notification for every alert with the severity Error or higher. This can be changed in the App:

  • Click on Menu in the tab bar
  • Click on your name in the top
  • Click on Notifications on the right
  • Now you can select the alert severity required to receive a notification.

Notifications on severity changes

Notifications are send when an alert is changing severity. If you select for example Error, you will receive a notification when an alert severity is changed to Error or higher (ex: Critical).

When the severity of the alert is going lower than Error, you will also receive a notification even if the severity is not Ok (it could be Warning for example).

So this could be seen as "I only care about Error and high alerts so notify me when it enters that state and when it leave it".

If you are receive too many notifications, maybe you would like to modify the Warning and Error thresholds? Learn more on how to configure Network Alert Thresholds.

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