This video tutorial will guide you through all the steps required to complete a two-agent setup. In this video, we are installing two virtual agents on Linux VMs. Agent A is located inside AWS North Virginia, USA region (us-east-1) and Agent B is located inside Google Cloud Frankfurt, Germany region (europe-west3).

Here is a summary on the different steps from the video:

  1. Login to the app
  2. Create Agent A. In Advanced Parameters, we enabled Accept Incoming Connections. This is possible because we allowed TCP and UDP ports 23999 from anywhere to Agent A in the AWS VPC Security Group. A VPC Security Groups is similar to a firewall. Learn more on Agents Connectivity Configuration.
  3. Install Agent A with the shell command.
  4. Create Agent B
  5. Install Agent B with the shell command.
  6. Make sure both agents are reporting to the Obkio Cloud Services by checking their Private and Public IPv4 addresses. 
  7. Create a Monitoring Template to monitor the network connectivity between the two agents. If you have more than two agents, Agent Groups can help you with the Monitoring Template Configuration.
  8. Once created, the template automatically created a monitoring session.
  9. After a few minutes, we have historical data between the two agents. It's also possible to see Realtime performance with the Live toggle on the monitoring session page.

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