One of the feature our customers love is the ability to monitor agent connectivity using both private and public (Internet) IP addresses without having to specify it.

But how can two agents know which IP they should use to communicate? The answer is through Network Configuration. When you configure an agent, you can add the Agent to one or many networks.

The rule is easy

If two agents are configured in the same network in the App, they will use their private IPs to communicate. Otherwise, they use their public IPs.

The LAN use case

If two agents are in the same LAN, for example located in two building of a single campus or two floors of a building, they are probably in the same network. Can they connect using the private IP? If yes, they are.

The WAN use case (MPLS, SD-WAN, VPNs)

If two agents are in the same WAN, for example two different offices connected with a private MPLS Network or an over-the-top SD-WAN/VPN network, they are probably in the same Network. As always, can they connect using private IPs? If yes, they are.

This is also true for Cloud connectivity through VPN. As long as you are using private IPs to connect, the agent are considered in the same network so you need to configure them accordingly in the App.

Learn how to associate agents with networks.

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