The Software Agents are agents installed on Linux Virtual Machines (VM). They differ from Public, Virtual Appliance and Hardware agents because the user must maintain the OS and its security.

Minimum Requirements

The Software Agent should run on any CentOS 7/8, Debian, RedHat or Ubuntu recent distributions.

  • CPU: 2 vCPU
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Disk: 20 GB

Installation Instructions

The Software Agent requires root privilege on the VM. This is required to access some Linux Kernel network timestamp used to get accurate measurements.

To install the agent, you need the installation command that you available at the end of the agent creation process. The command will look like this:

curl -sSL | AGENT_ID=123456789 bash

Once installed, the agent will be updated automatically but it's the user responsibility to maintain the OS secure and up-to-date.

To allow incoming connections from other agents, the default ports TCP 23999 and UDP 23999 must be open. Learn more on Agents Connectivity Configuration.

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