This article describes how the billing is done at Obkio and how changes to the services are applied to the next invoices.

The Billing Cycle

The billing cycle starts as soon as the organization plan is changed to a paid plan (i.e. any plans except Free or Trial). All the invoices will cover a full month starting on that date. For example, if an organization subscribes to the Premium Plan on January 15th, the first invoice will cover services from January 15th to February 15th. All the upcoming invoices will be sent on the 15th of each month.

The invoices are automatically paid with the credit card on file and receipts are sent to the billing email address configured in the App or to the administrator of the organization. Also, the full PDF invoice is always available in the App.

Changes During the Month

During the month, changes to the services can be made and they will be prorated on the next invoice. So if an Agent is added in the middle of the billing period, a charge for half a month will be added to the next invoice. This also applies if an agent is removed during a billing period, in which case a credit is added to the next invoice.

Purchase Obkio Credits

For some customers, it's not that easy to process monthly credit card payments and they are not ready for the Enterprise plan that offers invoicing with wire payments. For these customers, it is possible to purchase Obkio Credits that are then applied to the regular monthly invoices generated based on the customer usage.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is my credit card information secure? 

Yes. We use a third party (Stripe) to process all credit card payments. We do not have access to your credit card number at any point. For more information about the strict security measures that Stripe uses, please see the Stripe Security Page.

Do you offer annual billing?

Yes we do. Contact us if you are interested.

Do you accept wire transfers instead of credit card payments?

Yes we do in our Enterprise Plan and for some annual billing. Contact us if you are interested.

Can you send the invoice to multiple emails?

This is not supported by our invoicing partner Stripe at the moment.

Do you refund cancelled subscriptions?

We do not refund in case of service cancellation, plan changes or service usage changes except when required by law.

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