You have two options to reduce the number of email notifications you receive.

Option #1 - Organization Notification Settings (recommended)

By changing the notification settings, you can select the minimum severity required to send you a notification and many more options. Find all the details at Organization Notification Settings.

Option #2 - Monitoring Template Thresholds

Increasing the monitoring template thresholds to some less aggressive values is another option. This will reduce the number of notifications since it will reduce the number of reported network issues. However, it will also change the threshold used in the application for packet loss in the network response time graphs.

Since it is also affecting the graphs, it is not the preferred option if your objective is only to reduce the number of notifications.

You can change the thresholds in the monitoring template advanced parameters. Learn more at Network Alert Thresholds Configuration.

The thresholds configuration is for the entire template so it will affect the notifications of all users in the organization.

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