For the majority of customers, nothing is required to let the agent communicate with the Internet. However, for customers with strict outbound firewall rules, here are the list of ports and domains the agent needs to communicate with:

  • Port 53/UDP for DNS
  • Port 67/UDP for DHCP (Hardware & Virtual Appliance agents)
  • Port 80/TCP for HTTP
  • Port 123/UDP for NTP
  • Port 443/TCP for HTTPS and OpenVPN
  • Port 23999/TCP for Speed Test**
  • Port 23999/UDP for Network Performance Monitoring**
  • ICMP (Echo & TTL Exceeded) for Ping and Traceroute

If the firewall have URL filtering, the following domains must be allowed:

  • * (All agent types)
  • * (All agent types)
  • * (Hardware & Virtual Appliance agents)
  • * (Hardware & Virtual Appliance agents)
  • * (Hardware & Virtual Appliance agents)

**: Port 23999 can be changed in the Advanced Parameters of the agents.

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