In  summary, we support almost all SNMP-enabled devices. If some information is missing for your device but the values are available through SNMP, let us know and we will add it quickly.

Interface Stats

All the communications with the devices are done through the SNMP protocol. As long as the device supports SNMP, the inbound, outbound, and errors stats for interfaces should be supported for the device. The IETF Interface Counters as defined in RFC2863 are fully supported with a priority to 64-bit counters over 32-bit counters (ifInOctets, ifOutOctets, ifHCInOctets, ifHCOutOctets, ifInErrors, ifSpeed, ifHighSpeed, ifDescr, ifName, ifAlias, ifType, ifAdminStatus, ifOperStatus).

In the interface list, the Duplex (Half or Full) of the interface will be displayed if the device supports the IETF RFC3635 dot3StatsDuplexStatus OID.

CPU Stats

The IETF standard counters hrProcessorLoad, defined in RFC2790 (HOST-RESOURCES-MIB), are of course supported. However, a lot of equipment vendors decided to create their own MIB/OID to expose CPU stats. Here is the list of the supported vendors and OIDs:

  • Aruba (
  • Avaya (
  • Brocade ( &
  • Cisco (,
  • Dell (
  • Fortinet (,,
  • Generic Server UCD-SNMP-MIB (
  • HP (
  • Juniper (,,,,
  • Mikrotik (
  • Ubiquiti (,
  • Sonicwall (
  • Watchguard (
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