Monitoring the performance of networking devices such as firewalls, routers, switches and wifi access points is crucial for IT teams. The Device Monitoring feature inside the Obkio Software is a fast and easy solution to get detailed information about the health of devices. Used with the end-to-end Network Performance Monitoring feature, it helps IT teams pinpoint issues very quickly.

The Device Monitoring feature has three great advantages when compared with other solutions on the market:

Advantage #1: It's easy! 

This means that no technical expertise in SNMP, OIDs or MIBs is required. Add the device that you wish to monitor and the software will get what it needs. No servers are required, all the data is sent to the Obkio Cloud and is available inside the App.

Advantage #2: Performance monitoring with fast polling

With Fast Polling (every 60 seconds) and Ultra-Fast Polling (every 30 seconds), the results are far more precise than the traditional software polling, which occurs every 5 minutes. This way, short bursts of traffic or CPU utilization that affect the network performance can be detected and the root cause of the performance issue can be pinpointed quickly by the IT team.

Advantage #3: Polling from the agent already inside the network

There is no need to establish VPNs between a centralized monitoring server and the LANs where the network devices are located because all the polling is done by the agent that is already inside the LAN, measuring the end-to-end network performance.

Device Monitoring Setup

There are only two requirements to start with device monitoring. First, the device must support SNMP. We support all versions of SNMP (v1, v2c and v3) and of course, only a read-only access is needed.

Second, at least one agent (software, hardware or virtual appliance, but not public) must be able to communicate with the device. We always recommend using the agent closest to the device.

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