The Chord Diagram Filters give users more flexibility on what they want to see displayed on the diagram. Hint: The most popular filter is the Show OK Agents.

Filter by Agents or Group of Agents

It is possible to select only some agents or groups of agents that you want to display on the diagram. This is often used to focus on a specific company division or customer. Also, some users decide to create an Agent Group called Chord Diagram and they associate only their most important agents to that group. They then filter on that group so that the diagram only focuses on their most important agents.

Filter by Session Severity

This filter will only show the sessions with a severity greater or equal to the selected severity. Agents with no sessions are removed from the diagram. This gives a dynamic diagram that will always change based on actual session status.

Show OK Agents filter

By default, the diagram will display all the agents with all their sessions and the filter Show OK Agents will be enabled. By disabling this filter, the diagram will not display agents where all the sessions are OK (green or grey).


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